Setting Up Your Home Workstation For Success

Whether you're working from home full-time or switching between house and office, a properly planned and executed workstation in the home is vital to long-term health and productivity.

This 1 hour, self-paced modular course offers a deep dive into the practicalities of creating an ergonomically sound home office. With focused, actionable advice and guidelines, it provides context and instruction on the following topics:

  • - An understanding of the laws around ergonomics for employees

  • - The risks of working from home when your role is computer based

  • - Considerations when you’re setting up your home workstation:

  • - Stress

  • - Visual fatigue

  • - Temperature & humidity

  • - Noise

  • - Your body shape

  • - Equipment, including how to choose it and set up your desk, chair, computer and accessories

    • - Your body: how to look after it, and what to do if it goes wrong

  • - Where to go for further advice

The course also includes a detailed PDF resource pack with easy-to-reference reminders, suggestions for sourcing ergonomic equipment, and links to supplemental videos, rehab exercise programmes for sore backs, and further reading on the subject.

NB - corporate licences available on request, please contact for further information.

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