Upper Back Rehab Course

When your upper back goes wrong (with poor posture, joint stiffness, muscle weakness or imbalance) it might cause upper back pain - or it might cause other parts of your body to compensate for it, so you might be experiencing pain or symptoms anywhere from your shoulders to your ankles! So if you want to make sure this is the right rehab course for you, ideally, either you should start with "how to be your own physio: self assessment" - or you should see me or another physio who works with regional interdependence, and be told that your upper back or ribcage is "driving" your symptoms.

The self-assessment course teaches you how to identify the underlying source of your pain, known as the driver. Then, once you complete the self-assessment course and identify the driver, you'll receive a unique discount code for one complimentary rehab course (which could be the upper back rehab course if your upper back turns out to be your driver). The rehab course will teach you to rehab the driver in order to treat your symptoms.

The upper back rehab course explains how your upper back works, what can go wrong, and how to rehab it. Includes 16 self-rehabilitation videos to release tight muscles, retrain the stability system and restore strong normal movement patterns.

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